I’m Back!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here. Not sure why, I think I am now quite adjusted to the retiree life in Cuenca, so I have lots of time. Seriously, I’m bored lately. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s lots to do here. People volunteer (not interested), they take Spanish lessons (am already fluent), they walk or go to the gym (seriously?), they fish (??) they hike (???). Me, I shop, I bake, I cook, I read, watch tv (I LOOOOOVVE my Kodi installed on my Amazon Fire box) I socialize. Actually, I had surgery recently (hysterectomy) here in Cuenca, it was fine, no problems, I had a great doc in a great hospital but I did take it easy for a month.

I still sell some insurance from time to time, mostly travel insurance which is getting a lot of press here as expats on a tourist or permanent visa here are now required to obtain & show proof of some form of health insurance. I guess we’ve had a few expats get sick, get hospitalized, and then leave the bill behind. Ooops. In case anyone needs it, here’s a link to my insurance site:

Sarah’s Insurance purchase site on Seven Corners


I recommend the Liaison suite of products for travelers. If you are a US citizen traveling around the world, any of them are great. If you are a US citizen traveling BACK to the U.S. without any health insurance? Get the Liaison International. It will cover you in the USA as well as any other countries. If you need help, message me here or on my Facebook site. Since I have oodles of time, and a new IPhone! I check stuff all day.

Tomorrow I am attending an insurance ‘information’ seminar for expats. Usually these just tell me stuff that I already know, being that I used to own an insurance agency, but I am hoping to glean some tidbits. I’ll post if I do get some good info.




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