Sunday in Cuenca

Traffic on Sundays in Cuenca is always light, particularly in the early mornings. Hubby likes to go on a long bicycle ride with friends, enjoying the relatively empty streets while I get to laze around at home in my housecoat with the pooch.

Here’s an old picture from 1976 showing the traffic guard, directing traffic on a busy street in Quito. Not many traffic lights in those days, even in the big metropolis of Quito.

Is it Fall or Spring in Cuenca?

Here in Cuenca, the trees and flowers are blooming, It’s getting warmer, and the rain comes as a spring shower. It’s November and all the Internet sites are touting Thanksgiving, autumn leaves and Christmas around the corner. Daylight savings time just turned back the clocks an hour in 48 states.

I love this time of year in Cuenca. I’m never cold, even at night, the sun shines bright most mornings and the Jacaranda trees are blooming their lovely violet flowers. The sun comes up in the morning about 10 minutes earlier than the dead of winter (In July) and it stays light another 10 minutes more in the early evening.

Hubby and I have been in Cuenca now for almost 2 1/2 years (this time) and we have truly settled in nicely. We bought a condo, have gotten our drivers’ licenses and will be buying an auto as soon as we find the perfect car for the perfect price.

We’ve had a few wonderful vacations going farther south in South America and have been back to Texas and Arizona a few times since we’ve moved back to Ecuador. Our friends and our children in Texas have survived the loss of our presence and manage to tolerate us once or twice a year when we come back to do some shopping and junk food binging.

As this is the first blog of the new blog spot, I am trying to figure out what I should write about….adjusting to Expat life? Adjusting to the life of a retiree with lots of time to do what we want? recipes for gourmet dishes made in Ecuador with all the wonderful produce? or making dishes from scratch since you can’t always get canned or frozen recipe starters here (i.e. copycat recipes)? Or just a blog about life for a 60+ couple living in Ecuador. Comments?